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Before Scurvy Dogs :|SD|: there was another clan called Haunted Galleon ~{HG}~. Before Haunted Galleon, there was a clan called Seven Seas -=SvS=-. These were dark, frustrating, and often upsetting times for many people in the Battlefield Pirates community. I was originally in the Seven Seas clan. Unfortunately, it died soon after I joined. When I was in the Seven Seas clan, I met another clan member named Fred. Fred said, "We should make a new clan because -=SvS=- is dying." When I first heard this, I didn't want to believe him. After being in -=SvS=- for a few days, I found out he was right. On 7-21-05, Fred and I made a new clan called Haunted Galleon ~{HG}~. Two days later, the Seven Seas clan died. Lod and a few other -=SvS=- members started a new clan called Drunken Elite [-DE-].
Fred set up free forums and we started to recruit. Our first recruit was PinkPimp. He was from another clan called Meet your Makers. When school started, Fred started to lose his free time. He got a girlfriend and moved on with his life. Pink became a nuisance and was kicked out. Desperate for members, I recruited anyone that could shoot a musket. I tried my best to keep the clan going, but it was very difficult. A clan member named ChipsAhoy was the only one that helped out.
On 9-30-05 Bazookabubblegun, ChipsAhoy, and Cpt. Cow left ~{HG}~. They made a new clan called Scurvy Dogs :|SD|:. Dogg, Kab, and myself did not join. Achtane decided to go clanless. After a day, I knew ~{HG}~ was hopeless. I told Dogg and Kab I was going to try Black Buccaneers [BB]. Soon after they heard this, they joined :|SD|:. Achtane joined :|SD|: shortly after. When ~{HG}~ died it consisted of ChipsAhoy, Bazookabubblegun, Flybones, Achtane, Cpt. Cow, Dogg, and myself. Kab was a recruit at the time. Seaworthy, a former member, joined :|SD|: later on. ~{HG}~ became the foundation for the new :|SD|: clan.
After ~{HG}~ died, I took a few months off. During this time, I came up with a plan for a new clan. I looked at every clan in the Battlefield Pirates community and took the aspects I liked. For instance, [BB]'s maturity and [-DE-]'s friendship. The Bilge Rats clan was created on 3-21-06 by me. Our clan stresses hard work, honesty, maturity, friendship, and loyalty. <|BR|> will succeed where ~{HG}~ did not.
On March 2006, I decided to make another Battlefield Pirates clan. My first step was to contact the clanless HG members. The first one I talked to was Fred. He said he wasn't into PC gaming anymore but would still join. Taco!!!!, a clanless pirate that wasn't in HG decided to join as well. The last person I asked to join was a recruit when HG died. His name was RIP. He showed strong allegence to HG. He kept his ingame HG tag on even though he knew the clan was dead. I asked him, "Why didn't you join SD?" He said, "HG was my first clan and I wanted it back. The people in SD just wanted me to join because I was in HG. Most of them didn't even know me."
I bought a pirates server, Ventrilo server, and set up forums. The forums were on a temporary subdomain. The clan was going pretty good until V (-=|CT|=-USAF 777) decided to hack it. He slowly started to change things on the forums. I was forced to change them back. Soon after, he would completely ruin the forums by uploading a blank database file. My battle with V became an everyday occurance. My parents were getting irritated because I was on the computer so much. They just said, "Let the clan go." I didn't want to though. I wasn't going to let him win. They took my computer away so I had no choice. I tried to stay intouch with the guys through other means. The clan completely died though.
The second time BR was started, I bought the domain name I had to bug the previous owner for a while. He canceled it and I had to wait thirty days before I could buy it. Fred, taco!!!!, and RIP all returned. We recruited some new members such as Rogue, Sparky, Gr00, and Snake. Also, the Cursed Corsairs clan merged with us. Their members included Reefermadness, Oldman, and FawD. I was very happy with our new members. I bought a new pirates server and Ventrilo. I distributed admin rights and everything seemed balanced. When V saw how good the clan was going, his hacking commenced once again. I couldn't figure out how he was doing it. I was using the most current version of phpBB2. I just decided to fight him again. On one of V's hacking occurrences, The CT clan gained access to our private forums. Some of their members started harassing me for calling Snake a sack of shit. This made me angry because it was not any of their business. Snake left BR and Gr00 was going through a hard time. He lost his grandmother and was having financial problems. Fred left BR for SD. All of the SD members thought they were cool for stealing him. Shortly after the forums got hacked again, and I lost my computer.
The third and final time BR was started was on Christmas break of 2006. I got my computer back on Christmas day. Later on, I started playing the pirates mod again. I was thinking about remaking BR, but I knew it would piss my parents off. I really didn't care though. I had unfinished business. Taco!!!! and Sparky didn't want to rejoin. Reefermadness was in BB. One day, a fellow pirate named Koppa started a conversation with me. I knew Koppa when he was in DE. He left because they kept saying he was V. Koppa said, "Are you ever going to make another pirates clan?" I said, "I was kind of thinking about remaking BR. Would you join it? " He said, "Yes." I made a group Xfire room and invited Koppa, Rogue, Oldman, and RIP. We talked and everyone wanted to remake it. I told them I was going to join the US Navy. I did not know how much I would be around. Koppa took this the hardest. The next day I asked him to register on the forums. He said, "I don't want to join the clan." I told Oldman this and he was upset as well. Koppa did register on the forums. He helped me set things up, come up with new ideas, and tweak things. Koppa has gone far beyond my expectations and has turned out to be an excellent first mate. Without his hard work and dedication, the clan would be at its depths.