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Bilge Rats
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-- Step One --
Register on our forums. Xfire is a required field because it is how we keep in contact with one another. You can download the latest version here.
-- Step Two --
Completely fill out our application located in our Join Us forum. A direct link to the forum can be found here.
A. First Name:
B. Age:
C. Recruited by who or whom: *
D. Location:
E. Other PC games I play:
F. Clan History:
G. Additional Comments: (Optional)
*Our clan is invite only. However, your application may still be considered if it is thorough.
-- Step Three --
If your application is accepted, you will be under evaluation for two weeks. This time is often referred to as earning your sea legs.
-- Step Four --
After your under evaluation period has been fulfilled, a poll will be created in our clan only section. We will discuss your overall performance and decide whether or not to vote you in.
-- Membership Benefits --
1. Access to our clan only forums.
2. Vote on members under evaluation.
3. Recruit others that you deem fit.